Based in Hertfordshire, BlowFish Glass provides unique and exciting glass making experiences that are suitable for beginners but also stimulating enough for experienced artists.

The workshop is in Hertford at Moore and Walkers glass studio where there is an artists’ collective of glass makers with over 50 years of experience between them.

We offer half day and full day glass blowing classes, plus shorter sessions, for individuals or groups of up to 10 people. Our tailored group sessions are ideal for company team building or a unique stag or hen party experience.

Founder of Blowfish Glass is Bethany Wood graduated from De Montfort University with a Design degree and specialism in glass making, and has since worked with many renowned glass makers around England. She’s been making glass for 6 years and produces her own range of glassware that sells in galleries. 

Bethany’s passion for glass making is clear in the way she describes it:

“If I was not an artist, I would have been a performer. I chose glass, which I do believe is a performance of art; both disciplines create the same energy. There is rhythm and adrenaline in glass making, within a routine that is planned very carefully.”

Bethany has taught glass making to a great variety of people – from silversmiths, interior designers and dancers to office workers, fused glass artists and receptionists.

Imagine how amazing it would be to try your hand at this extraordinary art form!

If you’ve ever wondered what it’s really like to be on the right end of a blowpipe or wanted to have a go at making the gorgeous glassware you see in shops, our classes provide the expert guidance in a safe environment that you can rely on.

Learn how to use the handmade steel tools and experiment with form and colour to make your own glass piece. The vast range of colours you can achieve and the freedom for design means your imagination can run wild – it becomes addictive!

This is a truly unique experience where you will leave with a new understanding of this craft as well as a set of skills that few other people possess.

Hertford is easily reached via direct train route from London. Our studio is just 10 minutes’ walk from the station in Hertford city centre and there is free parking available.

If you have been searching for an original, fun and creative activity for yourself, family members, friends, work colleagues or stag/hen groups – look no further than BlowFish Glass!

The Language of Glass-Making and Other Fun Facts

  • Experienced glassblowers are called “gaffers,” workshops are called “hot shops,” silica is melted in “crucibles” and shaped on a “maver” and molten glass is reheated in a furnace called a “glory hole”!
  • Nature was the original glassblower. Lightning strikes on beaches produced thin glass rods called fulgurites, and over the centuries volcanic eruptions have fused sand and rocks into obsidian.
  • Glass in 100% recyclable – over and over again!
  • Glass is melted at 1060 degrees Celsius in our furnace, however the hottest piece of equipment in the workshop is our heating chamber, the ‘glory hole’ at 1260 degree Celsius.
  • At Blowfish the furnace runs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year! If we let it cool we’d have a giant block of solid glass.
  • Colour that is added to the glass is made from an oxidant, like cobalt for blue, magnesium for green and even gold to make red.

Health and Safety

Your glass blowing experience begins with a health and safety tour around our workshop, describing all the different the workshop equipment. We will provide you with all the safety equipment necessary such as Kevlar (heat proof) sleeves and safety glasses. Our staff are fully qualified to ensure you are kept safe.
Please wear appropriate clothing, eg: cotton t-shirt, flat shoes, and if needed layer up with a jumper or a jacket that you can take off.