About the Artist

I am a sculptor working with molten glass as my primary medium. I studied glass making in the Historic Glass Quarter, Stourbridge, where I developed my basic skills that are the essential foundation for creating works in this challenging medium.

I have been creating my sculpture for a close to a decade and currently working from my studio situated in Hertford. At the studio I also facilitate the creation of works for a number of noted designers and artists. I also have the pleasure of working as part of the London glassblowing studio team alongside some of the UKs most exciting glass artists.

The inspiration for my sculpture come mainly from traditional arts and sculpture, including still life painting and the ability of glass to trick and subvert the viewers visual and tactile experience.

I want to make people ask themselves questions when they see my work, can I eat that? Will it spill? Is it soft or hard, light or heavy?

I am a dedicated experimenter with my chosen material and am constantly trying to challenge myself and the audiences of my work to abandon many preconceptions of the material.

My sculptural style would be considered figurative as I do attempt to accurately represent my subject of interest, but my use of glass as a material is always at the heart of my conceptual focus and creates an ambiguity or surrealism in the works. Can I eat this fruit? Can I use this chair?

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