About the Artist

“As spring is sprung, so sprung is spring, and the world is full of Zingy tones and Pinging hues. Enter this world and what better inspiration to create vibrant glass than natures psychedelia?”

Tim George Boswell is an award winning glass artist. Timothy built is notoriety over a decade in and around the famous historic glass quarter of Stourbridge, where he has been an inspiring influence in the developing UK glass scene. 

Education has been a huge focus for Timothy over the years and his presence at the dwindling number of glass education facilities has been invaluable to the students passing through. 
An unconventional approach to this ancient craft has given Tim’s work a distinctive and unique style creating pieces rich in colour influenced by psychedelic and op-art pattern. Combining complex hot glass and glass fusing techniques requires a number of specialist skills and hours of intense concentration and dexterity. 
Tim is also the founding member of the famous ‘Bandits of Glass’ demonstration group where he exercises his distinctive public engagement style and continues to inspire the next generation of artists. 
Timothy has exhibited widely throughout the UK and at the Corning Glass Museum USA.